Private Practice Consultation

Dr. Martin offers 30, 60, or 90 minute consultations to discuss the inner workings of running a successful private practice. Her passions include demystifying the world of private practice and having dialogues around how to create and sustain ethical business structures. Consultees are welcome to bring any and all questions into this meeting. Dr. Martin can provide guidance on all aspects of practice management including:

  • Insurance based versus self-pay practices

  • Electronic health records systems

  • Sole proprietorship, LLC, PLLC and S-Corp structures

  • 1099 versus W2 employment

  • Legal requirements/compliance as an employer

  • General breakdown of anticipated expenses

  • Billing and payment collection options

  • The hiring and onboarding process

Rates are as follows:

$150.00 for a 30 minute consultation

$225.00 for a 60 minute consultation

$300.00 for a 90 minute consultation

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